Learn Finnish

Finnish is one of the Finno-Ugrian languages(Link to another website.) and very different to the other Nordic languages. The Finno-Ugrian language group also includes for instance Hungarian and Estonian in addition to several smaller languages. Some consider Finnish a hard language to learn, but the beauty of the language makes it worthwhile.

Finnish has regional dialects and different social variants (jargons, slang, etc.). Colloquial Finnish often differs markedly from the standard language. Therefore, the sentences you might learn in class differ from the ones people use in everyday life, though the meaning is the same.

Online Finnish Language Resources

InfoFinland keeps the most updated version of available online Finnish courses. Check it out here(Link to another website.)

Finnish Language Schools in the U.S.


The Finnish School in Silicon Valley
Website: https://www.svsuomikoulu.org/(Link to another website.)

The Finnish School in Los Angeles
Website: https://suomikoulula.wixsite.com/suomikoululosissa(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.)(Link to another website.)

The Finnish School in San Diego
Website: https://sandiegonsuomikoulu.org/(Linkki toiselle web-sivustolle.)(Link to another website.)

The Finnish School in San Francisco
Website: https://www.scandinavianschool.org/finnish-program/(Link to another website.)

District of Columbia

The Finnish School in Washington D.C.
Website: https://suomikouludc.org/(Link to another website.)


The Finnish School in Atlanta
Website: https://atlantafinlandsociety.godaddysites.com/suomikoulu(Link to another website.)


The Finnish School in Chicago
Website: http://chicagosuomikoulu.org/(Link to another website.)


The Finnish School in New England
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/bostonsuomikoulu/(Link to another website.)

New York

The Finnish School in New York
Website: https://newyorkinsuomikoulu.com/(Link to another website.)


The Finnish School in Philadelphia
Website: https://fasdv.org/suomi-koulu/(Link to another website.)


The Finnish School in Texas
Website: https://www.suomi-koulu.com/(Link to another website.) 


The Finnish School in Seattle
Website: https://finnishschoolofseattle.org/(Link to another website.)

Online Course

Flinguu – Learn Finnish online
Website: https://www.flinguu.com/(Link to another website.) 

Finnish Language Programs in U.S. Universities


University of California, Berkeley, Department of Scandinavia
Website: https://scandinavian.berkeley.edu/(Link to another website.)


Indiana University Bloomington, Department of Central Eurasian Studies
Website: https://ceus.indiana.edu/about/languages/finnish.html(Link to another website.)


University of Minnesota, Department of German, Nordic, Slavic and Dutch
Website: https://cla.umn.edu/gnsd/languages/finnish(Link to another website.)

New York

Columbia University, Department of Germanic Languages
Website: https://germanic.columbia.edu/programs/finnish(Link to another website.)


Brigham Young University, Center for Language Studies, Scandinavian Studies Program
Website: https://cls.byu.edu/programs/scandinavian/about(Link to another website.)


University of Washington, Department of Scandinavian Studies
Website: https://scandinavian.washington.edu/fields/finnish(Link to another website.)


University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of German, Nordic and Slavic
Website: https://gns.wisc.edu/languages/finnish/(Link to another website.)