Finland and Washington partner in innovation, development, research and commercial applications in the areas of high technology and green transformation. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Lt. Governor Danny Heck of Washington and Minister Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland Timo Harakka on 5 November 2021.

Photo by Michael Discenza on Unsplash

Washington and Finland share a rich cultural heritage and values, but also growing economic ties. Finland is recognized a global leader in technology, climate change issues and maritime sector. Washington State is recognized globally for its strong technology, maritime and bioeconomy ecosystems. The foundation of similar economic focuses and hubs of innovation for larger regions, with a drive for clean energy and sustainable innovation, this partnership offers a fruitful growth opportunity across the Atlantic for our companies.

The partnership between Finland and Washington focuses on the following sectors:

  • 5G connectivity, end-user applications utilizing new connectivity, and 6G
  • Safety, efficiency and green transformation of maritime, ports, and other logistics, including digitalization and connectivity
  • Green transformation of transport, including circular economy solutions for batteries
  • Bioeconomy and sustainable forestry
  • New technologies changing ways how societies interact

To read the complete MoU, please visit this page.

For more information contact:

Mr. Tuomas Sottinen
Embassy of Finland to the United States in Washington D.C.
[email protected]

Finnish companies & research
Ms. Ulla Lainio
Business Finland, Washington D.C.
[email protected]

Finnish companies & research
Mr. Samuli Kaijomaa
Embassy of Finland to the United States in Washington D.C.
[email protected]



The partnership between Finland and the state of Washington is advancing