The Republic of Finland and the state of Colorado signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to catalyze collaboration around green economy, quantum, and aerospace technologies. The MoU was signed by Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis and the Ambassador of Finland to the U.S. Mikko Hautala on February 15, 2022.

Photo: Jacob Rosen / Unsplash

Colorado and Finland share a common interest to make headway in the areas of sustainability and advanced technologies. There are already many existing scientific and commercial ties between the regions, and the MoU further supports the growing cooperation. The regions are building a results-oriented partnership that promotes industrial, trade, and policy cooperation. 

The partnership between Finland and Colorado focuses on three key sectors where both regions have world-leading capabilities:

Computing technologies: including quantum technologies and high- performance computing

Green Economy: clean energy, & climate resilience including wildfire prevention, zero emission vehicles, clean transport including zero emission vehicles, infrastructure, and clean building infrastructure and technologiestechnology

Aerospace technology and applications: sensor and weather technologies, space research, and space weather

To read the MOU in its entirety, please click here(Link to another website.).

For more information contact:

Mr. Christian Heikkinen
Embassy of Finland to the United States in Washington D.C.
[email protected]

Finnish companies
Ms. Jennifer Tarkiainen
Business Finland Silicon Valley
[email protected]

Finnish R&D
Mr. Petri Koikkalainen
Embassy of Finland to the United States in Washington D.C.
[email protected]



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