Service Fees

Payment shall be made in US dollars:

  • New York: Debit/credit cards only
  • Washington: Debit/credit cards only
  • Los Angeles: Debit/credit cards only

Service requests received by mail, only money orders or certified checks accepted (no personal checks).

In order to return the documents, please provide a prepaid, self-addressed envelope of FedEx/DHL/UPS/USPS.

Passport and identity card

Service Price (€) Price (USD)


175 $185

Fast-track passport

195 $205

Temporary passport

210 $225

Laissez Passer travel document

175 $185

Emergency Travel Document ETD

195 $205

Temporary alien's passport

175 $185

Seafarer's national identity card (seaman's passport)

175 $185

Identity card

96 $100

Identity card when passport application filed at the same time

64 $70

Request for unlocking of identity card

30 $30