Listen: Suomi–Finland Podcast

Listen: Suomi–Finland Podcast

In May 2019, we celebrated the centennial of Finland-U.S. diplomatic relations. In honor of this continued friendship, the Embassy of Finland's Communications Coordinator Satu Järveläinen highlights all things Finnish American in a new Suomi–Finland Podcast series.


You'll find all the episodes on SoundCloud and also on Apple Podcasts (Apple links on the episode titles). 

Episode 1: Finland – Worth Defending


How does a young Finnish American man, who grew up in California, end up as a conscript for the Finnish Defence Forces? In this episode, we meet Jonathan Lindborg, who signed up for the military in Finland.

General conscription guarantees Finland's military security. All Finnish men between the ages of 18 and 60 are liable for military service. Women can apply for voluntary military service. All men must either do military service or non-military service. Read more here:

Brigadier General Pekka Toveri shares elements of the defense cooperation between the United States and Finland on a general level.


Episode 2: Learning About Finnish American Treasures 


The Library of Congress has a great collection of Finnish items, everything from antique maps to modern and historical books, songs, newspapers and beyond.

Reference Specialist Ms. Taru Spiegel helps all Finland enthusiasts to find what they need from the archives. In this episode of Suomi–Finland Podcast, we'll take a brief look at what stories some of these materials reveal to us about the past lives of the Finnish American community here in the US.



Episode 3: Finn Spark (Kipinä-Kerho) 70 Years Of Doing Good 

Did you know that the first baby incubator, keskoskaappi, in Finland was made possible thanks to the funds raised by a Finnish American ladies association? Listen and you’ll get an in-depth look into this now 70-year old Finnish American charity, called Finn Spark (Kipinä-Kerho).

"The mission of Finn Spark, Inc. (Kipinä-Kerho) is to engage in charitable, educational, and cultural activities; to raise funds to benefit the elderly and children’s causes, and to give scholarships to educational and cultural institutions in Finland and in the United States."

Interviewees: Finn Spark's President Kaija Barlow Dallessandro and Anna Hjelmroos, and Senior Research Fellow Miika Tervonen from the Migration Institute of Finland


Episode 4:  Finnish and American Diplomat In Epicenter of World Events

Retired diplomats, Ambassador Jukka Valtasaari & Mr. James Ford Cooper, observed world events from up close. How did it feel like to be an American "On the Finland Watch"? How was it to represent Finland in the US during the final years of the Cold War?

Listen to hear these two gentlemen share their memories of important moments in the Finnish – U.S. diplomatic relations' history. 

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