Kids Euro 2019 – Dance Theater: Frogpond by Mamia Company

Kids Euro 2019 – Dance Theater: Frogpond by Mamia Company

Finland, as the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will be hosting special events during the Kids Euro Festival 2019. In addition to a sold-out event at our Embassy, you'll have a great chance to see the Finnish performer in other locations in DC! Read more.

Photo: Mamia Company




Mamia Company is a contemporary dance theater.  Company was founded in autumn 2014 by the choreographer & director Nina Mamia and director & actor Kasperi Nordman.

Both members of the company have a long experience of the art world as professionals, locally and internationally.

Company's performances reflect on contemporary topics, human condition and society.

Their creation process is preceded by a long period of research on the topic being dealt with. At the core of their work they often use scientific studies and articles on the subject in question. Objective research data gives them the facts on the performances subject. They like to broaden their horizons, avoid generalizations and personal assumptions. This approach allows them to create Mamia Company's art in multidimensional ways.

"Do not run around with trash and soil, for you never know, whose home it might spoil”. Dance theater performance about the importance of clean water. Frog Molly returns to her birth pond for a big family reunion, but finds out that her beloved home is spoiled. How can little Molly save her friend and home? Perhaps she needs some help, maybe from the audience.

Suitable for children 4 years and above.


Where to see Frogpond?


Solid State Books DC

Hill Center DC

  • Monday, November 4

  • 6:007:00 pm

This event is brought to you by the 12th annual Kids Euro Festival, a two-week long festival of European arts and culture presenting free activities to D.C. metro area children from age 2 to 12. With programs both for the general public and for school groups, more than 10,000 DC-area children and their families enjoy Kids Euro Festival programs each year. This is made possible by the 28 European Union countries and the European Union Delegation in Washington in cooperation with the European-American Cultural Foundation and The Carmel Cultural Endowment for the Arts. For the full lineup of events, please visit and follow us at #KidsEUFest.