Internationalization services and special experts in Kosovo

The Team Finland network helps your company succeed in Kosovo:

  • we provide information about the Kosovar market
  • we identify promising business opportunities in the market
  • we help you find suitable partners and contacts
  • we help you when you encounter possible trade barriers

Team Finland contact persons in Kosovo

Embassy of Finland, Pristina

Matti Nissinen, Ambassador

Sanna Tavi, Deputy Head of Mission

Jehona Ademaj Sejdiu, Team Finland Coordinator

Business Finland Expert Search(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) helps your company to find the right consultant in Finland and in the target market.

You can also leave a contact request(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)  to the Team Finland network special experts in Finland.

Aims and services of the Team Finland network in Kosovo

The aim of the Team Finland network in Kosovo is to promote Finland and Finnish companies in Kosovo and to support the cooperation between Finnish and Kosovar actors. Our goal is to bolster the competitiveness of Finland and its companies while fostering stronger trade relations between Finland and Kosovo. Our approach revolves around prioritizing the needs of our customers and placing them at the center of all our actions.

Finnish businesses are slowly starting to engage in the Kosovo market. With the Europe’s youngest population and the significant additional funding allocated to the priority areas defined in Kosovo's 2023 budget (education, health care, defense procurement and digitalization) offers opportunities for Finnish companies. There is also plenty of potential in the energy sector and cyber security. The EU's Western Balkans investment package still offers a great potential opportunity for Finnish companies.

Even though still in small quantities, Finland offers high quality goods and services to Kosovo. Finnish offerings encompass world-class expertise in technology, research and development, innovations, and know-how. We actively strive to establish and nurture strong collaborations with stakeholders in Kosovo. Leveraging the exceptional and reliable proficiency of Finnish businesses grants a competitive edge in Kosovo's market.