Establishment of paternity

A decision of paternity issued and valid in a foreign country is, as a rule, recognised in Finland without a separate legal establishment. The competent authority is the Local Register Office.

As a rule, paternity should be confirmed in the child's country of residence in accordance with the legislation in the country in question. When a decision of paternity issued in a foreign country is valid in that country it can be recognised in Finland without a separate legal establishment.

A decision on paternity refers to a decision by a court of law or other authority and the confirmation or registration of a legal act that establishes the relation between the child and man as one of paternity in the country in which the registration or other act took place.

Where necessary, the Helsinki District Court may confirm, by application, whether a decision on paternity issued in a foreign country is recognised in Finland.

Establishment of paternity in the UK

If the child has been born in the UK and the birth certificate includes father's details, paternity is confirmed in Finland automatically when the child's birth is registered in the Finnish Population Register System. The full version of the birth certificate states the parents’ names. Certificate does not require a translation. 

Note! From 16 February 2019, based on new EU Regulation, certain public documents issued by the authorities of EU countries must be accepted in other EU countries without requiring a so-called apostille to be attached to the document. Read more: Acceptance procedure for public documents is simplified in EU countries.