Frequently asked questions

I want to get married in Finland. What paperwork do I need?

Firstly, decide where you wish to get married. Then contact reverend of that church or, if getting married in a civil ceremony the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (Digi- ja väestötietovirasto). The authorities will advise you what you need in order to marry, normally at least a certificate of non-impediment from the country of residence must be provided.

Note! From 16 February 2019, based on new EU Regulation, certain public documents issued by the authorities of EU countries must be accepted in other EU countries without requiring a so-called apostille to be attached to the document. Read more: Acceptance procedure for public documents is simplified in EU countries.

I am travelling to Finland/United Kingdom with my minor children without the other parent./My minor children are travelling unaccompanied. Do they need a parental consent for the trip?

When minor children travel abroad without a parent or legal guardian, it is advisable that they are given a written parental consent for the travel. The document can be a written travel consent from the parents included in the child's travel documents to be presented, as required, to the authorities in the country of destination.

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I want to take my cat/dog to Finland. What do I need to do?

Detailed information is available from the Finnish Food Authority.

ls my foreign driving licence valid in Finland?

Please check the information from the website of Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom: Validity of foreign driving licences in Finland.

I wish to go hunting and take my own firearm with me. Do I need a special licence?

Any foreigner entering Finland must leave his/her gun and ammunition at the Customs House until an import permit has been obtained from the local police, usually the airport or harbour police. The number, calibre and manufacturer of the weapon and the number of the applicant's licence in his/her native country must accompany the application for a permit. A Finnish hunting licence will only be issued to a person who can prove that he/she has a corresponding licence in his/her own country. When applying for a Finnish hunting licence for the first time, a foreign visitor without a licence of his/her own has to pass a hunter's test. A person with a hunting licence has to have a valid insurance policy that covers any injury by a gun to a second person or to the hunter while actually hunting. More information can be obtained from the Finnish Hunters' Central Organisation Tel +358 9 877 7677 or the Ministry of Interior, Police Department Tel +358 9 160 4672.

I have some Finnish family ties, how can I find out if I am a Finnish citizen and eligible to apply for a passport?

All Finnish citizen are registered in the Population Register in Finland. Before applying for a passport you must establish that you are a Finnish citizen and as a dual (or multi) national have also retained your Finnish citizenship. The best way to officially establish your Finnish citizenship status is to complete a form KAN_9 (Request to determine citizenship status) with the Finnish Immigration Service.

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