Registration of birth in the Population Register System

Births of Finnish citizens outside Finland must be notified to the Digital and Population Data Agency. You can also submit the notification at a Finnish embassy or send it there to be posted to the Local Register Office for registration.

Birth certificates issued by an EU country are accepted without requiring that a so-called apostille be attached to the document.

In other countries the original birth certificate or a copy of it, authenticated at a mission of Finland, must be appended to the notification. The document must be legalised and, if it has been issued in some other language than Finnish, Swedish or English, an authorised translation in one of these languages must be provided. Translations made abroad must be legalised. Translations made by an authorised translator in Finland are valid as such.

An Apostille stamp is not required for a birth certificate, which is issued by an EU country authority and a translation of the certificate is not needed if a multilingual standard form is appended to the document.

Registration of birth in the UK

A Finnish citizen born in the United Kingdom should be registered to the Population Register with the following documents:

  • A fully completed and signed registration form. You can find the form the website of the Local Register Offices: Notification of a Finnish Citizen Born Outside Finland.

  • The original full birth certificate issued by the British authorities. The full version of the birth certificate states the parents’ names. Certificate does not require a translation. Paternity is acknowledged in Finland when the father's name is provided in the birth certificate.
    Note! From 16 February 2019, based on new EU Regulation, certain public documents issued by the authorities of EU countries must be accepted in other EU countries without requiring a so-called apostille to be attached to the document. Read more: Acceptance procedure for public documents is simplified in EU countries.

  • Photocopies of the parents’ passports.

The registration form and all the appendices should be posted to the Jakobstad Unit of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of West Finland (address: Digital and Population Data Services Agency of West Finland, Jakobstad Unit, PO Box 26, FI-68601 Jakobstad, Finland) or to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Finland. Alternatively the documents can also be posted to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of the municipality where the Finnish parent was most recently resident in Finland.

Each part of the form should be filled in carefully and signed. When a child’s birth is being registered, all dual or multiple nationalities should be entered on the form. Only one mother tongue can be entered in the register system.

The registration is processed at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency in Finland. All the related enquiries should be send directly to them. In most cases, sending documents directly to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency  will make the processing time quicker. Digital and Population Data Services Agency will return original document only if requested. Contact details to the agency offices in Finland: Digital and Population Data Services Agency.