Brexit and citizens – No-deal withdrawal

In the event that the Withdrawal Agreement is not concluded and ratified, there will be no transition period.

A no-deal Brexit means that the application of EU law, including the application of international agreements binding on the EU in the UK, will cease, and that the UK will become an external country to the EU (a ‘third country’) with no special arrangements.

Each Ministry is responsible for preparing for the aspects of a no-deal withdrawal that concern its administrative branch.

The tasks of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs include supervising the rights and interests of Finns abroad and providing consular services at Finnish missions abroad.

Travel after a no-deal withdrawal

United Kingdom citizens travelling to Finland

UK nationals will be exempt from the visa requirement for a short visit (for up to 90 days in any 180-day period) to an EU Member State. The legislation(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) that enables visa-free travel for UK nationals in the eventuality of a no-deal Brexit will enter into force immediately after the UK ceases to apply the EU legislation.

Read more about the travel documents accepted by Finland.

Finnish citizens travelling to the United Kingdom

A valid passport would continue to be accepted as a travel document.

Each country is responsible for their own entry regulations. The UK Government has said that they will not require a visa from EU citizens for a short visit to the UK. Read more about UK entry regulations after Brexit(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window).

Consular services for Finnish citizens abroad

The Finnish diplomatic and consular missions abroad have the responsibility to advise, guide and help consular service recipients so they can handle matters independently. The missions also provide assistance to Finnish nationals in distress abroad; in other words, they provide consular services

In accordance with the Consular Protection Directive, a citizen of an EU Member State has the right to receive certain consular services from an embassy or consulate of any EU Member State. One of these services is the issuance of an Emergency Travel Document.

In the event of a no-deal withdrawal, citizens of EU27 countries will not be able to receive consular protection from the UK. From the perspective of consular protection, the United Kingdom has one of the broadest consular networks of all EU Member States. It is the only Member State with consular representation in a few countries (including Barbados, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands).

From the perspective of consular crisis preparedness in the European Union, the UK’s withdrawal will have an impact in those countries where the UK plays a ‘leading nation’ role. It must be noted, however, that in consular crises, EU Member States already engage in cooperation with many third countries. Cooperation with the United Kingdom in consular crises will presumably still be possible.

Finnish citizens in the United Kingdom

The Finnish Embassy in London is closely monitoring the UK’s preparations for its withdrawal from the EU. The mission supervises the rights and status of Finnish citizens in the UK. It has collected answers to frequently asked questions (Opens New Window) and provides a list of links with comprehensive information for Finns in the UK.

Citizens of the United Kingdom in Finland

The Finnish Immigration Service(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) oversees the rights of residence of UK citizens in Finland.