The Team Finland network in Thailand and Cambodia

Providing support for Finnish companies in Thailand and Cambodia is one of the key priorities of the Embassy of Finland. As Finland’s second biggest trading partner in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a particularly significant export market for Finnish companies. The country presents major opportunities in fields such as renewable energies, the circular economy, education, digital services, health technology and the food industry.

The core of the Team Finland network is made up of the Embassy of Finland, Bangkok, together with Finland’s honorary consuls, Business Finland and the Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce. The network is led by the Finnish Ambassador, while the Team Finland activities are coordinated by the Deputy Head of Mission (DHOM).

Team Finland works towards the following objectives:

  • help Finnish companies establish contacts with Thai partners

  • open doors for Finnish companies to various Thai authorities

  • produce information and data on developments and market opportunities

  • where necessary, help Finnish companies overcome difficulties.

The Team Finland actors can help businesses organise events and gain visibility. Another key task is to make Finland more widely known and promote Finland's country brand in Thailand by means of communication and various events. The Team Finland actors are not there to make private consultants redundant, but they can facilitate the many steps towards market entry that companies have to take.

The traditional priority sectors for Team Finland efforts have included education, energy, the circular economy and digitalisation, considered to present particular potential. Team Finland activities cover other sectors, too, but to a lesser extent. Due to limited resources, we focus our efforts on companies coming within our priority areas and likely to obtain the greatest benefit from the added value provided by the Embassy.

The nearest Business Finland office(Link to another website.) is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They will also respond to enquiries regarding Cambodia.

Contacts for Thailand

Counsellor (Trade and Investment)
Kai Tuorila
Embassy of Finland - Bangkok
+66 61 421 8382

Special Advisor
Kimmo Pekari
Embassy of Finland - Bangkok
+66 81 844 2386

The Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce(Link to another website.) promotes trade relations and enhances networking between its members. It provides information for its members and serves as a point of contact vis-a-vis the authorities and consultant services of both countries. The Chamber of Commerce also runs a mentoring programme to support Finnish businesses in the early phases of their internationalisation.

You are most welcome to contact the Finnish Embassy, if you are not sure who to turn to.