Procurement by international organisations

Bangkok boasts an important concentration of international organisations in Southeast Asia. It also hosts the largest number of UN agencies and programmes in all of Asia with more than 20 UN regional offices and country-specific missions. Many of the local UN regional offices cover the entire Asia-Pacific region. Bangkok is also home to such international bodies as the Delegation of the European Union and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Procurement by all these organisations and agencies opens up market opportunities also for Finnish companies. The procedures and the procurement needs and volumes vary by organisation. The procurement processes often call for long-term engagement and prior establishment of contacts in order to fully appreciate the needs of these organisations before the actual tendering process. While the regional offices of UN development agencies in Bangkok often play a key role in planning the technology to be used in projects in different parts of Asia, the final call for tenders may be published by some other party.

For more information and up-to-date contacts, please consult the website of each organisation. The Embassy of Finland will assist in making contacts, whenever possible.

Key organisations and agencies based in Bangkok

ESCAPLink to another website. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

FAOLink to another website. Food and Agriculture Organization

IFADLink to another website. International Fund for Agricultural Development

ICAOLink to another website. International Civil Aviation Organization

ILOLink to another website. International Labour Organization

IOMLink to another website. International Organization on Migration

OHCHRLink to another website. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

UNAIDSLink to another website. UN AIDS

UNDPLink to another website. United Nations Development Programme

UNEPLink to another website. United Nations Environment Programme

UNESCOLink to another website. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNFPALink to another website. United Nations Population Fund

UNHCRLink to another website. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNICEFLink to another website. United Nations Children's Fund

UNIDOLink to another website. United Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNODCLink to another website. UN Office on Drugs and Crime

UNOPSLink to another website. UN Office of Project Services

UN WomenLink to another website.

WHOLink to another website. World Health Organization

WFPLink to another website. World Food Programme

The European Union in ThailandLink to another website.

Asian Development Bank (ADB)Link to another website.