Establishment of paternity

A decision of paternity issued and valid in a foreign country is, as a rule, recognised in Finland without a separate legal establishment. The competent authority is the Local Register Office.

As a rule, paternity should be confirmed in the child's country of residence in accordance with the legislation in the country in question. When a decision of paternity issued in a foreign country is valid in that country it can be recognised in Finland without a separate legal establishment.

A decision on paternity refers to a decision by a court of law or other authority and the confirmation or registration of a legal act that establishes the relation between the child and man as one of paternity in the country in which the registration or other act took place.

Where necessary, the Helsinki District Court may confirm, by application, whether a decision on paternity issued in a foreign country is recognised in Finland.

Establishment of paternity in Thailand

Contact the competent authorities: the district office (Amphoe) and the Juvenile and Family Court in Thailand.

Finnish authorities require an English translation of the birth certificate of a child born out of wedlock. If the father also is a guardian of the child, a certificate of guardianship and a certificate of the acknowledgement of paternity (the decision on the confirmation of paternity) are also required. Have these documents, both the originals and their English translations, first legalised at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and thereafter at the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok so that they will have legal validity in Finland. See the specific instructions on legalisation(Link to another website.)

Submit a Notification of a Finnish citizen born outside Finland(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window).