Exceptional opening hours

In 2020, the Embassy of Finland will remain closed on the following days:

1 January (Wednesday)

New Year's Day

6 January (Monday)


10 February (Monday)

Substitution for Makha Bucha Day, a national holiday

10 April (Friday)

Good Friday

13 April (Monday)

Easter Monday

1 May (Friday)

Labour Day

21 May (Thursday)

Ascension Day

19 June (Friday)

Midsummer Eve

6 July (Monday)

Substitution for Asarnha Bucha Day, a national holiday

23 October (Friday)

Chulalongkorn Day, a national holiday

7 December (Monday)

Substitution for H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great’s Birthday / Thailand’s National Day / Father’s Day, a national holiday

23 December (Wednesday)

Substitute holiday

24 December (Thursday)

Christmas Eve

25 December (Friday)

Christmas Day

31 December (Thursday)

New Year’s Eve, a national holiday