Certifying the content of documents at Finnish missions

A certificate of the content of a document can be a description of all or part of its content, or an extract of the document. The certificate applies only to the content of the document. Finnish missions cannot certify the validity of a document or the authenticity of its form.

Issuing a certificate on the contents of documents presented is at the discretion of the Embassy of Finland. Such certificates are subject to a fee (List of service fees), unless otherwise provided for in the Decree of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on Fees for Services.

Form for marriage notification

Each country has its own requirements as to what documents are required for concluding a marriage in that country. The examination of impediments to marriage will be carried out in the country where you are to be married. Ask from the local competent authority (District office in Thailand), what documents are needed when registering the marriage with a foreign public authority.

In general, you and your spouse must prove that neither have a valid marriage (Common law system). You can request a certificate that certifies the Finnish legislation gives you the right to enter into the marriage in a foreign country from Digital and Population Data Service Agency https://dvv.fi/en/a-certificate-of-the-right-granted-by-the-finnish-legislation-to-enter-a-marriage-in-a-foreign-country(Link to another website.) or from your own church in Finland.

The certificate of the right granted by the Finnish legislation to enter a marriage in a foreign country must be multilingual, signed and original. The certificate is valid for four months. As Thailand is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, certificates that can be used in Thailand must be legalized first at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and then at the Royal Thai Embassy in Helsinki. Kindly note that the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok is not the competent authority by law to legalize documents issued by the Finnish authorities.

If Thai authorities request an additional document that is to be made at the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok, you have to make an appointment with the Embassy to complete a marriage notification form and have your signature authenticated.  Kindly note that an original certificate of the right granted by the Finnish legislation to enter a marriage in a foreign country and your passport are required at the time of the appointment.

If the local authority requires Thai translation of the document, please contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand for further proceeding. In addition to the legalized Finnish certificate, please always consult with the local competent authorities to check what other documents are needed for the registration of marriage in Thailand.

Kindly note that a Finnish national is obliged by law to inform Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency of one’s marriage being concluded abroad. In order to do so, the marriage certificate issued by the local Thai authority must be legalized first at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok respectively. For further details, please refer to the Legalisation section on this website.

Certificate of income

The Embassy of Finland may issue a certificate on a person’s income on the basis of a reliable and up-to-date salary certificate or a pension certificate issued by a pension insurance company.  In practice, a signed original certificate needs to be presented. The Embassy is not in a position to contact the issuer to verify the accuracy of the declared income or whether the issuer is entitled to give such certificates.

When applying for a residence visa for Thailand, the applicant is always responsible for the accuracy of the information presented to the competent authority.

Declaration of facts

The Embassy of Finland cannot issue certificates on the legal validity or, for example, the legal significance of facts.

Upon request, the Embassy will issue a certificate on the issuance of a new passport attesting that, on the basis of the entry made in the passport, its holder was a Finnish citizen at the time of issuance. This certificate is free of charge.

The Embassy often receives requests for a certificate on de facto circumstances, even though the host country authorities would be best placed to issue such certificates. Please always address the competent local authority. For example, a residence certificate will be issued by the Thai Immigration Bureau.