Team Finland in South Africa

Team Finland is a network of public actors providing internationalization services to companies. The network promotes Finland's cause in the world: the internationalization of Finnish companies, foreign investments in Finland and Finland's image. The core of the Team Finland network is the representative network, Business Finland, Finnvera, ELY centers and TE offices. Worldwide, the Team Finland network is represented by more than 80 local teams. They bring together the Finnish authorities, publicly funded organizations and other key Finnish actors operating in each region. The Team Finland network helps Finnish companies to internationalize, grow and succeed in the world.

Team Finland in South Africa

The Team Finland South Africa network includes the sector specialists and commercial team of the Embassy of Finland in Pretoria and representatives of Business Finland in Johannesburg.

The aim of the Team Finland network is to increase trade between Finland and South Africa, to support and help Finnish companies that are interested in the South African market and to attract investments from South Africa to Finland.

We support Finnish companies in creating successful business partnerships. This includes the identification of commercial opportunities and those interested in the supply and expertise of Finnish companies, networking, market reviews and the views of companies already on the market on the best market entry strategies. We also support innovation cooperation and research and development between Finnish and South African companies and universities.

We organize trips that promote the export and internationalization of companies, giving them visibility and access to local companies, authorities and the media. Finnish companies can make use of the Ambassador’s residence and/or the Embassy to host their events.

We offer advisory services to Finnish companies, such as information on market access and the regulatory environment, as well as other information services. We help with networking and are able to open doors for companies looking to enter the South African market. Through us, companies get in touch with local authorities.

Team Finland's Goals in South Africa

The Team Finland South Africa network aims to strengthen Finland's image as a leading economy investing in know-how and innovation, creating new smart solutions for the needs of the 21st century. The aim of the country image work and the communication of Finnish know-how and strengths is to create a favorable operating environment for the Team Finland network's operations in both the investment and trade sectors.

The rapidly growing South African market offers interesting opportunities for Finnish companies. Team Finland South Africa identifies trends and business opportunities, helps companies enter markets and build relationships, and overcome the challenges of operating in the country.

In our work, we focus on the sectors where the supply of Finnish companies and the demand in South Africa meet best. These include energy, smart mining, circular economy, digitalisation and 4IR technologies, agriculture and food, as well as education and skills development.

Finland published its Africa Strategy(Link to another website.) in March 2021. The document presents the strategic priorities of Finland's Africa policy. Finland wants to develop and deepen its relations with African countries, the African Union (AU) and regional organizations in the coming years. Strengthening political and economic relations will benefit both Finland and Africa. 

Team Finland Contacts in South Africa

We encourage all Finnish companies interested in South Africa, Botswana, Mauritius or Lesotho, and those already operating in these markets, to contact either the Embassy or Business Finland office in Johannesburg. We will gladly help to boost your business and Finnish exports!

Embassy of Finland, Pretoria
+27-12-343 0275/6
[email protected]

Anne Lammila
Ambassador, Head of Mission, Team Finland Country Manager

Liisa-Maija Harju
Deputy Head of Mission

Tuija Pulkkinen (primary contact for companies)
Commercial Counsellor

Rui Nozes
Economic Advisor

Iina Soiri
Education and Science  Counsellor

Jenni Kiilholma
Agriculture Counsellor

Marko Saarinen
Development Policy Counsellor                             

Masego Polo
Team Finland, Assistant


Business Finland, Johannesburg
+27-11- 881 5530 & 5449
[email protected]
Tagara Hove
Senior Advisor, International Business Innovations projects
Camilo Ramada
Senior Advisor

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South Africa - a land of opportunity 

South Africa is a country of many opportunities. It is the most industrialized and technologically advanced economy on the African continent, offering significant business opportunities for years to come. The country is investing in, among other things, energy efficiency solutions, port logistics, building new cities and mines using technologically and environmentally smart solutions.

The investment climate in South Africa is good. The country has a well-developed infrastructure, world-class financial services and reasonable labor costs. Connections to other markets on the mainland are good. Access to the South African market is best achieved through collaboration - with a local partner or as part of a wider ecosystem. South Africa also serves as a good reference market and a gateway to the rest of Africa.

At Team Finland, we know the structure and needs of our target market. We offer our expertise and support for the use of Finnish companies. We have comprehensive networks and can arrange meetings with potential customers and partners.

The focus areas of our operations are those industries that offer the most interesting opportunities for the expertise of Finnish companies. These are

  • Energy
  • Smart Mining
  • Circular Economy and new solutions for both the private and public sectors
  • Agriculture and Food, and in particular solutions in support of sustainable development
  • Digitization, 4IR technologies and their application in industry in all sectors
  • Skills development, in particular the development of professional skills to implement the above solutions and increase jobs.

Read more about market opportunities(Link to another website.).