Education and Science

Finland’s expertise in early childhood education, primary, secondary and tertiary education is globally renowned. In South Africa, Finnish educational companies are offering the latest pedagogy and programs for professional skills development. This includes skills development in technology, education delivery, forestry and environment, health, communications, as well as teachers and leadership training. There is particular interest towards digitalization and new learning practices, teacher education and how to connect studies better to the demands of the changing working life.

The work of the Team Finland network in South Africa is complemented by a Team Finland Knowledge Expert(Link to another website.) (TFK) who is based at the Embassy of Finland in Pretoria. The TFK -expert works intensely with the Education Finland(Link to another website.) cluster program that brings together Finnish education knowhow.

Finnish universities and research institutions have conducted joint research in many areas with South African counterparts. Cooperation is intensifying due to new pilot networks and joint research funding.

Study in Finland                        

Why not study in Finland? Finland’s world renowned and international Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) offer hundreds of degree programs in several disciplines in English mostly for post-graduates. Taking into account the high quality, tuition fees in Finland are moderate and all HEIs offer possibilities for non-EU citizens to apply for scholarships. Student life is supported by free health care, efficient public transport, affordable student housing and meals as well as active sport and culture clubs. Working during studies is possible, and many study programs include a possibility or requirement to complete an internship during studies. Read more here (Link to another website.)and start your Nordic adventure!