Education and science

Education and lifelong learning lies at the heart of Finnish society. Finland is willing to share ideas and know-how, but no education system can be copied as such to another country. Finnish educational institutions and companies adapt and contextualise their offering for diverse markets like South Africa. We have been involved in developing e.g. early childhood education and teacher training pedagogy programmes in South Africa and region.

Finnish educational institutions are offering the latest pedagogical models, platforms and programmes for professional skills development in both formal and informal level including further training for company purposes. Digital skills training center, Forge Academy(Link to another website.) and Labs, serves as a prime example of Finnish model for informal basic and further education, digital skills and entrepreneurship training.

Finnish future oriented universities and research institutions conduct joint research in many areas with Southern African counterparts. Cooperation includes academic, higher education and commercial cooperation in areas such as digital health technology, quality of education, new digital skills and in natural sciences such as forestry, mining, renewable energy, circular economy and food safety.  Our universities welcome talented new students to tackle the global challenges together.