Finland in South Africa

Finland has had a diplomatic relationship with South Africa since 1949. The relations have followed the prevailing political conditions. Finland took active part in the fall of apartheid and participated in the commercial blockade in the years 1987-1991. Reestablishment of official relations started in the year 1994 after the first democratic elections. As a result, the two countries have an extensive political dialogue and increased volume of trade.

The task of the Embassy of Finland in Pretoria is to promote Finland's national interests abroad and to supervise interests and rights of the Finnish citizens in South Africa. The Embassy maintains contact between South African and Finnish officials and makes our strengths known not only in South Africa but also in the so called accreditated countries: Botswana, Lesotho and Mauritius.

Business Finland(Link to another website.) has its office in Johannesburg. They help companies to find business partners, latest innovations and investment opportunities in Finland.

Finland - South Africa association(Link to another website.) has been active since 1990. Their work takes mostly place in Finland.

You can find in Facebook groups (in Finnish) like Finns in South Africa or Finns in Cape Town.