Service Fees

Payment instructions

The prices given in ZAR will change in accordance with the exchange rate of the Rand (below fees with the exchange rate of 18.23).

Service fees should be paid in advance to embassy's account. Please take proof of payment with you when visiting embassy. Residence permit fees may also be paid via internet when using system.

Please note also that when applying for visa at VFS Global visa service centre visa fee and service fee are paid to their account. When applying for a visa at the embassy, visa fee (no service fee) is paid to the embassy's account, see details below.

Payment details

Passport and identity card

Service Price (€)


140 ZAR2,550

Fast-track passport

160 ZAR2,900

Temporary passport

175 ZAR3,200

Laissez Passer travel document

140 ZAR2,550

Identity card

90 ZAR1,650

Identity card when passport application filed at the same time

58 ZAR1,050