Finland is a global leader in responsible and sustainable mining, boasting advanced technology hubs and an innovative ecosystem for mineral processing. We excel in developing and applying digital and green technologies, with a strong focus on upskilling the workforce for digital and automated operations. As a pioneer in autonomous mining, Finland is home to significant mining technology centers and is a key supplier of underground mining machinery, leading in electrification and unmanned operation.

Our expertise extends to smart, sustainable mining solutions, including efficient mining technology and strong value chains. Our vehicle for operational efficiency aligns with sustainable development goals, emphasizing innovative business models and circular economy practices. This includes waste-to-value solutions to preserve critical raw materials (CRMs) for various industries.

The Finnish minerals sector is comprehensive, encompassing metal processing, machinery, equipment, and technology manufacturers, alongside services, research, and training. This ecosystem includes sectoral organizations, public authorities, and a mix of international companies and local SMEs recognized for their global know-how in machinery, equipment, and technology. The growing number of SMEs in Finland also contributes to the recycling of raw materials and the utilization of side streams, fostering new business opportunities.