Frequently asked questions

Appointments for customer service

Customer service of the consular section is by appointment only.
Customer service time is: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 09.00 to 12.00 and Wednesday 13.00 to 17.00 in the following categories:

  • passports and identity cards
  • notarial services
  • residence permits
  • Schengen visa and national visa 

To book an appointment, please send an email [email protected] containing the following information:

  • name
  • email address and phone number 
  • preferred day and time (please include several options)
  • subject: passport/identity card, notarial services, residence permit, Schengen-visa

You are welcome to include more specific information regarding your case.

Your appointment time is only confirmed when you receive a final email confirmation from the Embassy.


If you want to take your pet to Finland, please check with the Japanese Animal Quarantine Service about taking pets out of Japan. The Finnish Food Authority is responsible for import and export of animals in Finland.
​​​​Finnish Food Authority(Link to another website.)
Japanese Animal Quarantine Service MAFF(Link to another website.)


Information about e.g. import restrictions for travelers, gifts or removal goods can be found on the website of the Finnish Customs. 
Finnish Customs(Link to another website.)

Moving to Finland

Information  about moving to Finland and living in Finland can be found on the InfoFinland website. 
InfoFinland(Link to another website.)


Japanese citizens can stay in the Schengen area without Schengen visa for 90 days within 6 months.  There are some countries with bilateral agreements with Japan where longer stays are allowed. However, on returning to Japan via Helsinki, Helsinki will be the departure point from the Schengen area and duration of stay is always counted at the Helsinki immigration according to the 90days/6months -rule.

Information on how to pay the overstay fine can be found on the website of the Legal Register Centre of Finland.
Legal Register Centre(Link to another website.)

Population registration of foreigners 

If you stay in Finland more than one year, you are by law required to register at the local register office (maistraatti).  If you stay more than 3 months but less than 1 year, you must submit a notification of change of address. You can find more information on the website of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window).


In Finland, a non-resident alien, e.g. one who is occasionally working in Finland, is taxed on Finnish-source income only. However, tax treaties may provide that, under certain conditions, even such income may not be taxed in Finland. Information about the Finnish tax system can be found from the Finnish tax administration. 
Finnish tax administration(Link to another website.)

Working in Finland

Information on employment, labour market situation and vacancies can be found on the website of the Public Employment and Business Services (TE-palvelut) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment(Link to another website.)
Public Employment and Business Services (TE-palvelut) (Link to another website.)

Visas and residence permits

Information and guidance on visas and residence permits(Link to another website.)