Population Extract and address inquiry

There is no Population Information System in China.

Citizens are registered at "Hukou" household registration, which concern individuals, families and organizations. Hukou equals to an internal residence permit within China. A Hukou contains the following information: name, date and place of birth, marital status, address, education, profession and family ties. Hukou is issued by the nearest police station. It can be applied for by the person concerned or a lawyer authorized by them. The embassy cannot get access to an individual's Hukou or information concerning it. An individual can also enquire about their own family relations from a local "Jie Dao" office (community centre).

Population Extract and address inquiry concerning an individual who is currently living or has lived in China, can be obtained officially from Chinese authorities via the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Document enquiries can only be requested on the basis of upholding the applicant's legal rights, benefits or obligations. The assignment can be applied through electronic service of the Foreign Ministry(Link to another website.) and fee is 100 euros. Further information from website of the Foreign Ministry (in Finnish and Swedish)  or by email [email protected]. The inquiry should include the following information: name, date of birth, area (province, town and district in larger cities) and also a number of Chinese identity card or passport. Please be aware that obtaining the information might take up to months or the information cannot be received at all. Finnish authority may also consult the Embassy of China in Helsinki.  

Population extract and address inquiry in Finland

Address Service of Population Register Center helps you to find the current addresses of almost everyone living permanently in Finland. Extract from the Population Register System can be obtained from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency(Link to another website.).


any Local Register Office(Link to another website.).

Criminal record

From Finland a criminal record extract can be obtained from Legal Register Centre(Link to another website.).

A foreigner living in China can apply for a Criminal record extract through a local notary office which has foreign –related service. Further information from Chinese authorities (websites only in Chinese):