Finland-China 70 news and videos

The official logo for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Finland and China was published on 15 August 2020. Counting down seven weeks until the official anniversary date on October 28, we publish a series of short videos with fascinating Sino-Finnish stories, covering various fields from language to business and everything in between, and spanning over several decades.

Finland-China 70 video series, opening episode


Today, upon the unveiling of the anniversary logo, we asked Mr. Jarno Syrjälä, the Ambassador of Finland to China, and the designer of our logo, Ms. Yang Ling, graduate student at the Academy of Art and Design at Tsinghua University, to share their thoughts.


Finland-China 70 video series, episode 1 - Tell me the old, old story


In the first episode, we look back several decades and introduce two individuals with very unique stories - Mikko Rautio, who spent most of his childhood in Beijing in the 1950s and 1960s, and Li Guangyun, whose story with Finland dates back to 1973.


Finland-China 70 video series, episode 2 - Start from the language


In the second part of our Finland-China 70 video series, we are introducing Aada and Anni, who are majoring in Finnish language at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, and Veli-Matti, who is working at the Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai as the Finland Promotion Officer. 
Aada and Anni have studied Finnish for three years and spent last semester abroad at Tampere University. Veli-Matti has earlier worked as a teacher of Chinese language in Finland, and as a singer-songwriter, performing original songs in Finnish, Chinese and English. 


Finland-China 70 video series, episode 3 - Finnish-Chinese couples


In the third episode of the Finland-China 70 video series we meet two Finnish-Chinese families, one living in China and another in Finland.

Kaisa and Anbi live in Beijing where they also met. In the video the couple reminisces about their first impressions of each other's homeland.
More videos of Kaisa's and Anbi's life on Youtube channel Kaisa A(Link to another website.).

Yuqi and Jaakko live together with their two children in Espoo. Yuqi has Weibo and Youtube channels where she introduce her life in Finland and that are particularly popular among the Chinese audiences. You can follow her Youtube channel Yuqi in Finland(Link to another website.).


Finland-China 70 video series, episode 4 - Be as a local


This episode of the Finland-China 70 video series introduces two ladies who have a deeper insight into the local life and culture in China and Finland: Rebekka Mikkola who is better know as 'KaJie' in the Chinese social media and Qian Wendan who has researched Finnish pedagogy.

Rebekka has lived in Taiwan and Mainland China both during her child- and adulthood and she can speak not only fluent Mandarin Chinese but also Cantonese, Minnan and dialect of northeastern China - these skills are envied even by many Chinese. At the moment, Rebekka has altogether 565,000 followers on her Chinese social media accounts and her most popular videos have received several million views.

Wendan runs an official account in Wechat where she introduces Finnish education, pedagogy and parenting methods as well as Finnish culture in general. In addition, soon she will publish a book in Chinese about Finnish parenting.


Finland-China 70 video series, episode 5 - Art without borders


The fifth part of the Finland-China 70 video series shines a light on soprano Dilbèr who came in second at the Mirjam Helin competition in 1984. Later on, she got a contract with the Finnish National Opera.

At first, the light summer evenings and the empty streets surprised her on summer weekends, but now she describes Finland as her second home. She has learned a lot from both China and Finland and this information she wants to pass on. 


Finland-China 70 video series, episode 6 - Work in Finland/China


The sixth part of the Finland-China 70 video series introduces Tao Fanglan who works in Finland as a sales and operation manager and Miia Tähtinen who works in China as an engineer. 

The different cultures have been familiar to both for many years. The closeness to nature caught Fanglan’s attention while Miia’s first impressions centered on the hustle and bustle.

Nowadays Miia navigates the morning commute rush with ease. Fanglan in turn enjoys the time freed by a slower pace of life, which especially benefits families with small children.   


Finland-China 70 video series, episode 7 - Wishes from VIPs


Finland-China 70 series' seventh episode introduces us to two famous Chinese and one famous Finnish figure. 

Giant pandas Lumi and Pyry have enjoyed Finnish winters since 2018. The popular pair attracts many visitors , especially during their birthday celebrations. Cooperation between Ähtäri Zoo and the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda (CCRCGP) guarantees that they receive first class care. 

Santa Claus found his way to China for the first time 100 years ago and since then he has visited every year. Thousands of happy memories of children singing and dancing keep him young . 

Common journey of Finland and China began 70 years ago on the 28th of October 1950 when the diplomatic ties between the countries were established. All the best to the next 70 years!


FIN-CHN 70 Special: Director's Cut


In a special episode of Finland-China 70 video series, Director's Cut, film director Renny Harlin opens his relationship to China and Chinese filmmaking.

Harlin first came to China in 2014 and decided to stay. The diversity of the country and lifestyles left a lasting impression. 

The same diversity is visible in the Chinese film industry where almost everything is possible. Chinese filmmakers, as well as Finnish, want to make good movies and tell interesting stories.