Due to the lockdown measures imposed by the local authorities in Shanghai, the customer service of the Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai will be closed until the restrictions are removed. The Consulate General can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]. In Finland, the Foreign Ministry's 24/7 service is open every day of the year: Tel. +358 9 1605 5555

Consulate General of Finland, Shanghai

Customer service

Customer service: 

from Monday to Friday between 9.00-11.30. No appointment is required.

By phone:

from Monday to Thursday at 2pm-3pm, phone number +86-21-52929900

By email

[email protected] (Immigration issues),

[email protected] (Consular issues)


The visa applicants are invited to submit their applications at the Visa Application Centre of Finland(layout.types.url.description) (VAC).

  • Tel: +86-20-29106156 Mon-Fri at 8am-5pm (in Chinese and English)

Jurisdiction: Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Zhejiang

Office hours

Monday to Thursday 8.15 - 16.45, Friday 8.15-14.15


Telephone exchange

  • +86 215 292 9900

Visiting address, post address

Consulate General of Finland
Citic Square 2501-2505,
25 th floor
1168 Nanjing Xi Lu

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Pasi Hellman
Head of Mission
Consul General
  • +86 13 003 197 919
Harri Sallinen
Deputy Head of Mission
  • +86 1561 803 0015
Tiina Rinne-Aguilar
Administrative Officer, Consular Services
  • +86 1561 851 5928
  • +86 21 529 299 00
Aino Rautio
Administrative Officer, Consular Services
Noora Lycke
Administrative Officer
Financial administration
Lumituulia Liu
Finland promotion, press and culture
  • +86 1560 183 5721