Market opportunities in Australia 

Demand for Finnish knowhow in Australia 

Australia is an important export market for Finland. EU-AUS trade agreement negotiations are on their final stretch. Australia’s business environment is comparable with that of the Nordics. There is also money for investments, rich natural resources and lower domestic competition for technology companies. 

Australia is a prosperous country with a stable business environment and a wide range of market opportunities. Finnish offerings correspond well to the needs of the Australian market. Finland's commercial interests in Australia are substantial and exports are developing positively. Australia is amongst the richest countries in the world and Finland’s sixth largest export market outside Europe. Focus sectors for trade promotion include energy technologies, digitalisation solutions, smart and green port and maritime technologies, and health technologies. Globally, Australia is particularly successful in the natural resource sector, tourism, education exports, food and finance. Finland’s technological expertise compliments all of these five sectors well. The trade agreement negotiations between the EU and Australia are being finalised.