#YeboFinland –social media campaign

#YeboFinland –social media campaign

What do South Africans know about Finland? What would Finns like you to know about their country? Where is Finland coming from and where is it heading to? What does Finland have to offer and what  might we have in common with South Africa? These are perhaps the main questions we want to try to address with our social media campaign #YeboFinland.

For the next three years South Africa is one of fourteen target countries when it comes to branding Finland abroad. We were happy to receive the news from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and decided to take a fresh approach to the task. Instead of concerts, seminars and exhibitions we will put our efforts into social media. Our aim is to reach young South Africans in particular. We will offer an insight into modern day Finland with themes like IT, circular economy, education, water and renewable energy.

Circular Economy – say what?!

Photo by Sitra
This is how we create Circular Economy in Finland

You may call it recycling, reusing or a sustainable way of living, but the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra puts it like this: “A good life is no longer achieved by simply producing more and more goods. How do we move to a circular economy, in which consumption is based on using services – sharing, renting and recycling – instead of owning things?”

The theme of the first year is Circular Economy. We chose it as Finland was the first country to have a national road map to circular economy. Finland will also host World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) in Helsinki this year. But most of all in order to keep our dear and only planet alive and kicking we need to rethink our way of living and consuming. We can do things differently and better and we need to learn best practices from one another. Circular Economy offers a lot of opportunities and business ideas - the world is open to innovations!

So what do you know about Finland?

Photo: Riitta Supperi
Enjoying nature

Snow, cold weather, high quality education, Northern Lights – those are typically the things people mention when asking the question. And it’s correct, but there is more! Finland has produced companies like Nokia and games like Angry Birds and Clash of Clans, we have more than 100 000 lakes, Finnish women were the first women to get the right to vote, education is not only good it’s also free and Finland just topped the Good Country Index!

What would you like to know about Finland or Circular Economy? What is South Africa already doing to save the planet? What can we learn from one another? Follow our campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and let us hear your voice too. There will be surprising competitions along the way, stay tuned.

PS. for those who are not familiar with word yebo – it’s zulu and means yes!

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