Finlands beskickning i Moçambique


Evaluation of Finland’s Education Sector Support in Mozambique in 2014-2022

The evaluation commissioned by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs examines Finland's support for the education sector in Mozambique and the results achieved in cooperation. In 2014-2022, Finland supported education sector in Mozambique mainly through the Education Sector Support Fund (FASE). Finland has also funded COACH (Aprender mais), a World Bank pilot project implemented with the government to improve in-service teacher training and teaching materials. The report also examines the complementary impact of other programmes on the overall objectives of the country Strategy.

Förhandsröstning i Moçambique vid EU-valet

I Finland är valdagen för EU-valet söndagen den 9 juni 2024. I Moçambique sker förhandsröstningen den 30 maj 2024 kl. 9.00-12.00 på Finlands ambassad i Maputo.