Come and enjoy “Experience Finland” day at Metsä Pavilion on 23 November

Come and enjoy “Experience Finland” day at Metsä Pavilion on 23 November

The Embassy of Finland in Tokyo invites the general public to come and participate in the open house event on Monday 23 November (Japanese national holiday) at the Metsä Pavilion, a unique hybrid platform inside the Embassy premises that showcases Finnish design, architecture and technology. Visitors will be able to enjoy Finnish tango music, experience Finnish “air tango,” create dance choreographies and play mölkky, a Finnish sport that is gaining increasing popularity in Japan nowadays.

Due to the pandemic, the day will be divided into 3 time slots: 10:00-12:00, 12:30-14:30 and 15:00-17:00. Fifty people will be invited in each time slot on the first-come first-serve basis when registration opens on Monday 9 November 12:00 PM Japan Time.  Please register in the time slot of preference by clicking on the below link. Deadline for registration is Monday 16 November.

Venue: Metsä Pavilion, Embassy of Finland
                3-5-39 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Date: Monday 23 November 2020

10:00~12:00 to another website.)

12:30~14:30 to another website.)

15:00~17:00 to another website.)


Workshops and performances will be conducted by the below groups:

Finnish Tango & Dance International Association(Link to another website.) is Japan’s first organization to introduce lavatanssi, or floor dancing that is popular in Finland, especially tango. Visitors will be able to enjoy rhythmical music performance by composer and pianist Takuro Iga, while experiencing “air tango,” a perfect way to try out Finnish tango while taking preventive measures in midst of COVID-19. 

Tangueros Árticos(Link to another website.) is a unit led by violinist Janne Tateno, whose Japanese father is a pianist and Finnish mother a vocalist. The unit regularly performs classical to modern Argentine tango music, as well as Finnish tango music in clubs and concert halls. Members Janne Tateno, pianist Ikumi Nakayama, and contrabassist Junko Hasegawa will perform passionate and elegant tango music together with bandoneonist Satoshi Kitamura on Experience Finland day.


Team Valkonen(Link to another website.) consists of dancers led by Ville Valkonen, a former artistic director of Ballet Finland who is now active as choreographer and dancer in Tokyo. Ville together with dancers Yuumi Ueno and Yuko Valkonen will invite visitors to dance and create choreographies of their own. Combining classical ballet and street dancing, this performance workshop integrates dance seamlessly in everyone’s daily lives. 

Japan Mölkky Association(Link to another website.) will introduce a throwing game originated in Finland called Mölkky, where you throw a wooden block to knock down 12 numbered pins placed upright several meters away. Players scoring exactly 50 pins win the match. This Finnish sport has been gaining popularity since last year in Japan, ever since a comedian started playing and actively promoting the game, which resulted in many TV celebrities enjoying Mölkky. Visitors will split into teams and play one match each. 

Information about the practicalities:

Please note that the Embassy gate will open at just the starting time, and would kindly like to ask not to que outside before the event starts. The door will close after 30 minutes, and late comers will not be allowed to enter inside. All visitors will be asked to leave after their time slot. Visitors can leave whenever they like within their time slots, but re-entry is not allowed. 

Please also note that strict COVID-19 preventive measures will be in place. Embassy staff will sanitize the premises between each group. Please wear masks inside and sanitize hands whenever necessary. Body temperatures will be measured at the entrance gate. Please refrain from coming if your body temperature is higher than normal, or feel unwell. Your name and contact details may be given to health offices and other public institutions.