Service Fees


The payment instructions will given at the same time when the appointment is booked to submit the application. Credit or debit cards are not accepted.
Fees are non-refundable and based on decree of public charges of Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior, and EU regulation (810/2009/EC).

Passport and identity card

Service Price (€) Price (HKD)


140 HKD1,320

Fast-track passport

160 HKD1,510

Temporary passport

175 HKD1,650

Laissez Passer travel document

140 HKD1,320

Emergency Travel Document ETD

140 HKD1,320

Temporary alien's passport

45 HKD420

Identity card

90 HKD850

Identity card when passport application filed at the same time

58 HKD550

Request for unlocking of identity card

30 HKD280