Market opportunities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s status as one of the most important commercial centers in Asia is supported by its low tax regime, CE-registration of devices, functional infrastructure, close proximity to mainland China as well as the fact that English is commonly spoken. It is in China’s interests to maintain Hong Kong economically liberal and integrate the city to the Greater Bay Area (GBA) (pop. 86 mill.) more closely.

Finland is recognised in Hong Kong from its technological know-how, innovations, education, clean food and Christmas. Hong Kong's best market opportunities for Finns can be found in the following sectors:

  • digitalisation and smart solutions (energy, smart port functions, traffic);
  • health and wellness technology (digital solutions, preventive healthcare, diagnostics) and
  • consumer products and brands (food and beverage, cosmetics, fashion). 

Team Finland focuses on promoting export opportunities and investments, as well as country image in Hong Kong. Learn more about Market Opportunities in Hong Kong(Link to another website.) (in Finnish).