Registration of change of address in the Population Information System

If you are a Finnish citizen and live outside Finland, you must notify the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of change of your address.

It is important to keep address data up to date. Matters such as  military service are based on the address and nationality data in the Population Register System. You can be notified of your right to vote or the threat of losing your citizenship only if your address details are correct in the register.

Changes of address abroad can be notified either directly to a Digital and Population Data Services Agency (Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)in Finland or to a Finnish mission.

Change of address in Hong Kong

Finnish citizens living abroad permanently or temporarily have the duty to inform and update the local register centre in Finland of all amendments and changes regarding their personal details, including change of address in Hong Kong.

You can inform of your change of address in Hong Kong:

  • By post to the Local Register Office of West Finland (Länsi-Suomen maistraatti, Seinäjoen yksikkö, PL 168, FI- 60101 Seinäjoki, Finland). You can print the form via this link: Change of address.(Link to another website.)