Registration of Divorce in the Population Information System

If you are a Finnish citizen and you are granted a divorce abroad, you must notify the dissolution of marriage to the Finnish Population System.

Divorces granted in the EU area after 1 March 2001 are recognised as such in Finland provided that they are accompanied by a certificate issued in accordance with the EU provisions. The certificate can be obtained from the authority that has granted the divorce. The notification / certificate can be sent to the Local Registry Office or taken to a mission of Finland. If necessary, the document is to be translated into Finnish, Swedish or English.

Divorces granted before 1 March 2001 and divorces that have been granted outside the EU must be confirmed by the Helsinki Court of Appeal.

Apostille Service in Hong Kong

If you need an Apostille in Hong Kong for a document issued by a Hong Kong authority, you should contact the Apostille Service Office. Contact information and instructions on Apostille can be found here: Apostille Service Office, High Court Registry.