Inquiries related to Official Certificates and address information

Information from the Danish Civil Registration system (Det Centrale Personregister, CPR) is available through municipalities. There is no single central authority in Denmark from which you can access civil registration information.

If you need information about a person who lives or has lived in Denmark, e.g. for an address inquiry or genealogical inquiry for an estate inventory, you can contact the Borgerservice(Link to another website.) of your municipality of residence. Municipalities charge a fee for the delivery of documents. If the person’s municipality of residence is or has been Copenhagen or is unknown, you can contact the municipality of Copenhagen.

Contact: folkeregister(a)

Address the inquiry to att. Gitte Larsen.


The inquiry must always state its purpose and person’s full name and date of birth OR persons full name and old address. In case of an estate inventory, an extract from the Finnish Digital and Population Data Service Agency stating the date of death is required. The extract can be in Finnish, English, or Swedish. For more information, see the Finnish Digital and Population Data Service Agency(Link to another website.). If you are not able to obtain the information you need from the municipality, please send a request for an official certificate to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland at

In Denmark, municipalities can only disclose information that is permitted under the Civil Registration system (CPR). The information is not as widely available as in Finnish or Swedish populations register extracts. For deceased persons, the names and addresses of the current spouse and children are given in Denmark. For living persons, only the current address is given. Fore more information, see the website of the Danish Civil Registration system on disclosure of personal data(Link to another website.). Inquiries to Faroe Islands should be addressed to the Faroese civil register(Link to another website.) and inquiries to Greenland to the local municipality(Link to another website.).