Certificate of existence

A certificate indicating that an individual is alive can be issued, e.g. for the purpose of withdrawing retirement funds or carrying out an estate inventory, based on evidence presented. The person for whom the certificate of life is to be issued must present him- or herself at the Mission in person.


Certificate of Life or Affidavit in Canada

If a Finnish citizen or a child of a Finnish citizen resident in Canada has been requested to provide  proof that he/she is alive for the Finnish authorities for example in connection with estate matters, the necessary document (Certificate of Life or Affidavit) can be issued by a Canadian lawyer, notary public or a commissioner of oaths.   The Embassy in Ottawa and Honorary Consulates can also issue a Certificate of  Life. 

A personal visit with valid proof of identity (e.g. passport) and address (utility bill etc.) is required. Fees apply. Certificates of Life issued for Finnish pensions are exempted from fees if issued by the Embassy or Honorary Consulates.