Registration of Divorce in the Population Information System

If you are a Finnish citizen and you are granted a divorce abroad, you must notify the dissolution of marriage to the Finnish Population System.

In principle, all divorces granted in a foreign state are recognised without a separate confirmation in Finland. If necessary, the Helsinki Court of Appeal can by application confirm whether a divorce granted in a foreign state is recognised in Finland. 

Divorces in EU

Divorces granted in the EU area after 1 March 2001 are recognised as such in Finland provided that they are accompanied by a certificate issued in accordance with the EU provisions. The certificate can be obtained from the authority that has granted the divorce.

Divorce in other countries

As regards other divorce judgments, the original document or a certified copy, given in the country where the original was issued, must be presented and the divorce judgment must have been duly legalised. The judgment must be translated into Finnish, Swedish or English. Translations that have been made abroad must also be legalised. Documents translated by an authorised translator in Finland are acceptable without a separate authentication.

Where do I send the document?

Divorce judgments can be left with a Finnish mission, from where the document will be delivered or sent to the (layout.types.url.description)Digital and Population Data Agency(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window), Pietarsaari Unit(layout.types.url.description) (PO Box 26, 68601 Pietarsaari) or to the Register Office of the sender’s most recent municipality of residence in Finland. Missions charge a fee for sending documents.

Registering a Canadian divorce

To register a Canadian divorce an authenticated divorce decision and completed Registration of Foreign Court Decision on Divorce(layout.types.url.description) -form is needed.  Please visit the web site of Global Affairs Canada for detailed information on how to authenticate Canadian documents. 

The authenticated decision can be forwarded to Finland by the Embassy or Honorary Consulates in Toronto and Vancouver or directly to the Local Register Office of Pietarsaari(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window) in Finland or your own Local Register Office in Finland(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window)