Meet Team Finland's Geoff Charnock, the Honorary Consul for Finland in New South Wales, Australia

Meet Team Finland's Geoff Charnock, the Honorary Consul for Finland in New South Wales, Australia

This series includes a quick questionnaire to help you get to know Team Finland's network of people promoting Finland in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. In this edition, we introduce Geoff Charnock, Honorary Consul for Finland in New South Wales, Australia.

In April 2013, Geoff was appointed the Honorary Consul for Finland in the Australian state of New South Wales. He is a partner in Paradise Charnock O’Brien, a commercial law firm in Sydney, and practices in the area of corporate and commercial law.

Geoff first visited Finland in 1990 as a young lawyer working for an English law firm.  He continued to act for several Finnish companies when he returned to Australia in 1994 and joined the Finland Australia Chamber of Commerce when established in 2002.  He holds a keen interest in Finnish-Australian trade. Now, let’s learn a bit more about the real Geoff Charnock.

What terrifies you?

“Answering these questions and having all my secrets revealed. Aside from that clowns and spiders”. 

What is one thing about you that would surprise people?

“I studied agriculture and am fascinated by different farming practices around the World, from irrigation systems in Iran to potato growing in Finland”.

Do you have a role model?

“That’s a tough one. There are so many. I guess it is my Mum for working so hard to raise three good sons”.

If you could do any other profession, what would it be?

“I reckon I’d be a great storyteller. I love a good story and I have collected quite a few in my travels”.

What possession do you treasure most?

“I really don’t think too much about possessions. I have lots of things in my life, because they hold memories for me. So, it might be the antique wooden figurine from Vietnam (I was assured it was antique by the street vendor) or my jade piggie from Hong Kong”.

If you could invite two famous people to lunch, whom would you choose?

“I was asked this years ago and one of the people I chose was Janet Holmes à Court. I still reckon she would be a good pick. Someone who has worked hard, is successful and doesn’t make too much noise going about it. And Mick Fanning”.

If you could turn back time, what would you change in your life?

“Not much. I’d eat less sugary things (I love chocolate and ice cream and the two combined) and look after my health a bit better”.

What travel experience to do you have on your bucket list?

“Antarctica, Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. It’s just a matter of finding time, money and enough seasickness medicine to get me there”.

King Penguins at St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia. Photo: Liam Quinn/Creative Commons

If you were down to your last $20, how would you spend it?

“I’d probably give it to someone who needs it more than me. I’d then find a way to make another twenty”.

What has been your greatest achievement?

“My greatest achievement has been to live a wonderful life, to travel, meet great people from all walks of life and make good friends”.

Please note honorary consuls do not accept passport applications nor do they handle matters pertaining to visas or residence permits.