Bring, throw and recycle your old mobile phones!

Bring, throw and recycle your old mobile phones!

23 million mobile phones are sitting idle in drawers and cupboards across Australia. 99% of the raw materials used to manufacture these gadgets can be recycled, but just 1 in 10 mobile phones will be recycled. Help us change this frightening statistic by bringing your old mobile phones to compete in our crazy mobile phone throwing (recycling) game.

Most of the world knows Finland is the home of the unbreakable Nokia. What you may not know, is that Finland is implementing the world’s very first national road map to a circular economy.

Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU is also putting sustainability first, promoting this new economic model in which consumption is based on using services – sharing, renting and recycling – instead of owning things.

Help contribute to a circular economy 

Systemic change towards circular economies is vital in mitigating the effects of climate change. This year’s World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki discussed solutions to support the next era of circular economy solutions.

With this in mind we devised our very own solution, mobile phone throwing, which we think makes recycling incredibly entertaining for all ages. We want to recycle as many mobile phones as we can, and in the process, you can hurl our most celebrated export. Remember the more phones you bring, the better chance to win!

Unlike the annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships in Savonlinna in Finland, our game emphasises accuracy rather than distance. This way no phones are lost and all can be recycled. If you cannot bear to part way with your retro gizmo that once ruled your life, we will have some spare to use on the day.

With the support of HMD Global, the home of Nokia Phones, the Finnish Crazy Games will be hosted at the Embassy of Finland on Saturday, October 12th 2019 from 10am to 3pm.