Applying for a passport or an identity card

  1. The application must be submitted at the embassy in person.
  2. Make sure that your details are up to date in the population information system(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window). Finnish citizens can, if they wish, check their registered data in the population information system once a year. To correct and revise the data, please contact your nearest Digital and Population Data Agency(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window).
  3. You have to pay the fee for a passport or an identity card when you submit the application.
  4. A passport and an identity card are valid for a maximum of 5 years.
  5. It takes from a minimum of two weeks to up to several weeks to get an ordinary passport. A fast-track passport can normally be obtained faster, but the time of delivery depends on the country of issuance. Fast-track service does not apply to identity cards.

Passports and identity cards are issued at Finland's embassies, consulates general and consulates led by a career consul. Finland's Honorary Consulates in Germany (Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main) and Spain (Barcelona, Malaga, Las Palmas) can issue passports.

Identity card

Finnish missions may grant standard and temporary identity cards. An identity card can be granted also to minors subject to parental consent.

Finnish missions do not accept applications for a minor’s identity card not requiring parental consent or for identity cards for foreigners.

Starting on 2 August 2021, the applicant’s fingerprints are stored in the identity card.


How to apply for a passport abroad

If you are staying outside Finland, you can apply for a passport at a Finnish mission. However, honorary consulates, honorary consulates general or special missions do not process passport applications. Passport applications must be submitted in person independent of the applicant’s age. You can submit your application at any mission of Finland abroad regardless of where you live. Applications initiated in the electronic permit service of the Police cannot be processed or complemented at a mission abroad and passports that have been applied electronically cannot be sent abroad.

Your personal details must correspond to the data in the Finnish population information system. Make sure that your personal details in the system are up to date. You can check your details from the Check Your Registered Data service on the website of the Population Register Centre. The missions of Finland abroad can help you in updating your data.

Always contact the authorities of the country of destination for their rules applying to the validity of a passport and for other entry regulations.

More information about passport application: Police(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window)


How long does it take to get the passport?

The processing of a passport normally takes approximately 1 to 3 weeks. In addition, the delivery time varies from a few days (Europe) to 7–10 days (Asia, Africa and South and Central America). Please note that festive days in Finland and in the country of destination affect the delivery time.

Getting a fast-track passport takes a little less time, that is, a minimum of 5 days. The delivery process is the same as for an ordinary passport.


Collecting the passport

The applicant or a person authorised by him or her to collect the passport can collect the passport from the mission where the application was made. When submitting the application, you can ask for the passport to be delivered to some other mission.

Passports applied online are not posted abroad.


Applying for an identity card

An identity card is applied in person at the Finnish mission in the same way as a passport. Identity cards do not contain fingerprints.

More information about identity card application: Police(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window)


How much does an identity card cost and how is it paid for?

The fee for an identity card issued by a mission abroad is EUR 90. Check the methods of payment from the service charges list of the Finnish mission. Please note that if the identity card cannot be granted or if it is not collected, the application processing fee remains non-refundable.