Market opportunities in Tunisia 

Great demand for Finnish know-how in Tunisia 

Tunisia’s state economy is currently unstable due to the failure to attain the agreement with the IMF. Following the agreement on a comprehensive partnership package signed between the EU and Tunisia and further the financial assistance package issued by the EU in July 2023; both parties are committed to invest in energy system transformation, digitalization, education, circular economy, aviation and agriculture. The EU’s increased support for these sectors can create more opportunities for Finnish companies as well.  

Our focus is on the sectors where the supply and demand of the two countries meet. Finnish companies may provide expertise in sectors such as in building smart and sustainable infrastructure especially in mining, energy, harbor and agriculture. Tunisia is striving towards digitalization of government services and is moving fast ahead with the implementation of electronic identification. The Finnish expertise in e-government is well known in Tunisia. 

In addition to digitalization and the 5G, the Embassy prioritizes the opportunities in green energy and infrastructure as well as in circle economy. There are opportunities for Finnish companies in health and education. In Tunisia, Finland is known for its education system, good governance, and equality, which is why there is a demand for private schools, including early childhood education and vocational training. 

Detecting and acknowledging risks as well as finding trustworthy local partners and consultants is the key to success in the Tunisian market. Tunisia can operate as the gateway to other French speaking countries in Africa as well as to other Arab countries. 

A general review on the Tunisian market is conducted yearly by the Team Finland network. A link to last year’s general review.  


The Embassy of Finland in Tunis also covers Libya and may provide information about Libya’s market and economy upon request.