Market opportunities in Italy, Malta and San Marino

There is a demand for Finnish expertise

The Italian market is the third largest of the EU countries. Italy's economy has recovered significantly after the pandemic and, for example, exports have grown at a record level. With a recovery package of around two hundred billion euros, Italy will receive the largest recovery fund allocation among all of the EU member states and will invest it in the green and digital transition, fields in which Finland excels.

Malta's permissive regulatory environment offers Finnish companies an English-speaking test market. Malta's share of the EU's recovery tool is approximately EUR 316 million, which is intended to be used for e.g. to new waste treatment facilities, sustainable urban planning and the development of environmentally friendly transport infrastructure.

The city-state of San Marino is an affluent, developed economy of about 35,000 inhabitants. The cross-connections with the Italian economy are direct, and a company heading to Italy should also study San Marino's market offering.

Once a year, we compile an overview of the market situation in Italy, Malta and San Marino. to another website.)