Finland's Statement at the Executive Board of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, FRS 2024, UNOPS Segment

Read the Statement of Finland at the Executive Board of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, FRS 2024, UNOPS Segment, delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative of Finland to the United Nations, H.E. Mr. Lauri Voionmaa, on 30 Jan, 2024.

Thank you, Chair,

Mr. President, Executive Director, Dear Colleagues,

Finland aligns itself with the statement delivered by Iceland. In addition, we would like to make few national remarks. Naturally, we would also like to warmly welcome the new Deputy Executive Director to UNOPS.

We thank UNOPS for the information concerning the status of implementation of the Comprehensive Response Plan, including the UNOPS self-assessment and the independent follow-up report.

Based on these documents, UNOPS is clearly conducting a thorough reform process. This is the right direction.  

However, proper risk management is a continuous effort. Risk management is not a one-off exercise. The reform process needs to continue for as long as all the recommendations of these reviews have been implemented. Finland also encourages UNOPS to assess the potential hidden and underlying risks, as highlighted in the report.

Furthermore, the restated strategic plan must be communicated to the whole organization so that it is understood at every level and so that everyone is committed to the reforms.

The UNOPS office in Helsinki is now permanently closed.  During the closure, Finland has underscored to UNOPS the importance of the welfare and employment of the personnel of the Helsinki Office.

Let me stress this: its personnel is the greatest asset of UNOPS and it is a strong basis for the organization to build on.

Although we would all like to make a fresh start and orientate more towards the future, it cannot be done without fulfilling the accountability demands.


All persons involved wrongdoing and misconduct must be fully investigated and held accountable.  Trust must be restored, the credibility of the organization rebuilt.

Finally, we must further  strengthen the oversight role of the Executive Board. As we have seen, it must have all the information needed to perform its oversight role to the fullest.

President, Executive Director, Finland looks forward to supporting UNOPS on this path.

Thank you.