Team Finland network

The Team Finland network promotes Finland and its interests abroad: the internationalisation of Finnish enterprises, investments in Finland, and the country brand. The Team Finland operating model brings together the key actors and services in these fields. The core of the network consists of Finland’s network of diplomatic missions, Business Finland, Finnvera, and the regional internationalisation services, built upon the ELY Centres.

The Team Finland network will help your enterprise become more international, grow, and succeed in the global market. For more information on services to companies seeking internationalisation, see Team Finland website(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window).

Contact persons for Team Finland in Israel

Sami Jääskeläinen, Senior Specialist, Trade and Innovation
Embassy of Finland, Tel Aviv
Tel. +972 3 745 66 00
[email protected]

Shay Yusfan, Special Advisor, Economic and Trade policy
Embassy of Finland, Tel Aviv
Tel. +972 3 745 66 00
[email protected]

Team Finland partners in Israel

  •  Finnish Embassy, Israel
  •  Honorary Consuls of Finland in Israel

Objectives of the Team Finland network in Israel

The Team Finland network's main objectives in Israel are promoting and supporting the export and internationalization activities of the Finnish companies in Israel.

Israel has great interest in cooperation with Finland which is well regarded in Israel for its research and innovation as well as its top ranking in education. The most important focal point of cooperation with Israel is technology based. Like Finland, Israel has a large number of technology companies and a blossoming environment for start-ups.

Team Finland works to increase the visibility of Finland in Israel. It promotes contacts between Finnish companies in Israel and relevant organizations in different sectors. Bilateral R&D agreements offer a good basis for this cooperation. Besides the traditional cooperation sectors, Team Finland aims to increase the activities of companies as well as cooperation in venture capital, high tech and innovation sectors, especially for example in bio- and medical technology, environmental and clean technologies. Furthermore, there has been great interest in the Finnish education system in Israel.

Team Finland also aims to promote Israeli investments in Finland.

Finland and “the Finnish model” has a very good reputation in Israel. Team Finland supports this brand by targeting Israeli actors in business, economy, science, culture and education. The Embassy of Finland promotes Finland by disseminating information through its website, Facebook-pages, a varied assortment of brochures and publications, as well as by organizing events, seminars, delegations and workshops. These contacts are useful in supporting a positive brand of Finland in Israel.

Team Finland binds together all of the players to promote Finland better than before. In Israel, Team Finland network includes the Embassy, Finpro and the Honorary Consuls of Finland in Israel.

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