Registration of change of address in the Population Information System

If you are a Finnish citizen and live outside Finland, you must notify the Local Register Office of change of your address.

It is important to keep address data up to date. Matters such as  military service are based on the address and nationality data in the Population Register System. You can be notified of your right to vote or the threat of losing your citizenship only if your address details are correct in the register.

Changes of address abroad can be notified either directly to a Local Register Office in Finland or to a Finnish mission.

Change of name in Israel

Changing the spelling of a name

The spelling of a dual citizen's name may be different in Finnish and Israeli passports due to transliteration. Since the spelling must be the same in both passports, in such a case it is advisable to submit a Notification form of change of the spelling of a name to the Local Register Office.

Changing the spelling of the name must be by submitting the following documents to the Local Register Office:

  • A copy of the Israeli passport certified by the embassy
  • Notification form of change of the spelling of a name from the Local Register Office

The documents should be posted to the Jakobstad Unit of the Local Register Office of West Finland (address: Local Register Office of West Finland, Jakobstad Unit, PO Box 26, FI-68601 Jakobstad, Finland) or to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Finland in Tel Aviv. When you come to the Embassy, you must bring a valid passport or an ID card with you. Alternatively, the documents can also be posted to the Local Register Office of the municipality of your most recent residence in Finland.