Team Finland in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain

Team Finland is a network of public actors providing companies with internationalization services. The network promotes Finland's affairs worldwide: the internationalization of Finnish companies, foreign investments in Finland and Finland's country image.

The core of the Team Finland network consists of state-funded organizations such as ministries, the network of Embassies, Business Finland (former Finpro and Tekes), Finnvera, Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment), Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centers), Finnish Patent and Registration Office, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, Finnfund, Finnpartnership and the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes. Team Finland network is represented by over 80 local teams worldwide. They bring together the Finnish authorities operating in each region, publicly funded organizations and other key Finnish actors.

The Finnish missions around the world work to promote the successful internationalisation of Finnish companies. Ministry for Foreign Affairs and missions

  • Help companies in establishing connections

  • Offer information about the markets and opportunities in each country

  • Support questions related to entry-into-market

In addition to these services, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs provides funding from development funds to private sector instruments that contribute to the partnerships of Finnish companies and business opportunities in the developing countries. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs can furthermore provide information on how to benefit from EU's trade agreements around the world.

The Team Finland network helps Finnish companies go global, grow and succeed in the global market.

For more information about Team Finland and the services offered by the Team Finland network, visit Team Finland homepage(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)​.

Team Finland in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain

Team Finland contact persons at the Embassy

Chair: Marianne Nissilä, Ambassador
Embassy of Finland in Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 (0) 2 885 3666

Coordinator: Johanna Riihimaa, Counsellor, trade and investment
Embassy of Finland in Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 (0) 2 885 3666

The objectives of the Team Finland Network in United Arab Emirates

The objectives of the Team Finland network are to support market access and growth of Finnish companies, to promote investments to Finland and to Finnish companies, and to strengthen the country image of Finland.

The United Arab Emirates, made up of seven emirates, is a stable and prosperous country that offers significant business opportunities for Finnish companies. Known as the Middle East's regional center for trade, finance, tourism and logistics, the UAE continues its ambitious efforts by diversifying and developing its economy, as it strives to move away from oil dependence towards a knowledge-based society. The biggest business opportunities can be found in the following areas, which Team Finland's activities focus on and which the country's government has announced that it will particularly invest in: 1. digitalization, 2. energy, 3. circular economy and 4. health and health technology. The UAE's business environment is favorable and there are few barriers to trade. the country's long-term growth expectations are good and the related development plans are extensive. In addition to major infrastructure projects, the country is seeking high and state-of-the-art technology and know-how in its efforts to diversify the structure of its economy, still based to a large extent to the oil and gas industry. The country develops its innovation environment, seeks high and latest technology, and attracts international business investments and know-how. In addition to digitization and the green transition, interests include e.g. smart cities and transport solutions, artificial intelligence and robotics, blockchain technology, 5G technology, space industry and food and water security. There are plenty of opportunities for Finnish expertise, however competition is keen. Success requires commitment, persistent engagement, local presence and good partnerships from companies. The country image of Finland in the region is positive, albeit not very strong. Finland is known especially for its high-quality education, technological know-how, innovations as well as a reliable partner.

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