Embassy of Finland, Belgrade

Office hours

Mon-Thu 8:00-16:00, Fri 8:00-14:45

Customer service

Customer service:

Our customer service is open, but only by appointment. We accept applications for work permit (not seasonal work) and residence permit applications for family members. We also accept applications of students to those schools, which start contact teaching already in the fall. Requests for appointments by email to consular.beo(at)formin.fi or you can call during office hours +381 11 3065 400. The Embassy will not be receiving visa applications or residence permit applications in other categories until further notice.

Applications for a passport are accepted only by appointment. Notary services are agreed on by email on a case-by-case basis. Finnish citizens and permanent residents in Finland are assisted according to the Consular Services Act, only by appointment.

When the Embassy is closed, you can in case of emergency contact the Foreign Ministry’s 24/7 service: Tel: +358 9 160 55555, E-mail: [email protected]

Holidays 2020:

1 January - New Year

6-7 January Epiphany & Serbian Christmas

17-20 April - Easter

1 May - May Day

16 June - Midsummer

24-26 December - Christmas

Telephone exchange

  • +381 11 306 5400

Visiting address, post address

Embassy of Finland
Bircaninova 29
PO Box 926

Kimmo Lähdevirta
Kimmo Lähdevirta
Head of Mission
  • +381 11 306 5400
Lassi Härmälä
Deputy Head of Mission
  • +358 295 350 026
Outi Hannula
Administrative Officer, Consular Services
Igor Madzarevic
financial affairs, trade policy
Jovana Krajnovic
political affairs
Misel Davidovic
Office Services Attendant
Svetlana Garic
Office Administrator
Dalibor Kimcetic
Catering and Housekeeping Attendant
Jani Korhonen
Jasmina Obradovic
Administrative Assistant
administrative and consular services
Mirjana Tozic
Domestic Worker
Jelena Zivanovic
Domestic Worker