Legalising documents 

The Finnish authorities may ask you to legalise a foreign document. This should be done in the country where the document was issued.

  1. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the issuing country certifies that the document is genuine and has been issued by its authority
  2. The competent Finnish mission in the country legalises the document by appending to it a certificate proving the right of the official at the country’s ministry for foreign affairs to issue such certificates.

Service fees


The Embassy can only legalize translated documents that have first been legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran.

Embassy has a legalization day every Thursday at 9:00am. Legalized documents will be returned to applicants in the afternoon. 

Address of the Embassy:  No.94, corner of Maleki alley, Moghadas Ardeibili St. Zaferaniye.

The updated processing fees are listed here. The original documents must be shows along with the translations.

The Embassy can only legalize Iranian documents. Afghan documents should be legalized first at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Afghanistan and then by the Embassy of Finland in Kabul.