Innovation and Family-Friendliness Attract Indian Startup Entrepreneur to Finland

Finland competes for the best startup entrepreneurs alongside other countries, and the competition for skilled professionals is intense. Indian entrepreneur Ashwin Sivakumar has recently moved to Finland with the goal of establishing a global health technology startup. Finland was chosen by Sivakumar because it is a pioneer in digital health innovations and digitally guided healthcare systems.

Finland needs a broad workforce across various sectors. International experts and startup entrepreneurs are being attracted to Finland for work, particularly from India, Brazil, and Vietnam, in line with government initiatives.

– In attracting Indian startup entrepreneurs, Finland is a competitive market due to innovation expertise, startup funding, and good quality of life. Efforts to attract talent have been ongoing in India since 2019. As a result, Finland's visibility and attractiveness in India have increased, reflected in both the positioning of the Finnish country brand and the number of residence permits granted to Indians, says Gitta Perez, an expert from Business Finland’s Work in Finland unit.

International top talents have various options when it comes to choosing a country of residence. Finland competes for talent with traditional, larger immigration countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France. Among Asian talent, Finland also competes with countries like Singapore.

Ashwin Sivakumar's career began in the early 2000s in a bioinformatics research group in Helsinki. Later, he founded a company in India that helps businesses grow through digital marketing, market entry, and technology services. Now, he has moved with his family from India to Finland and plans to start another company that aligns with his passion for improving treatment outcomes, patient experiences, and promoting sustainable care through new technologies.


– My goal is to establish a global startup that inspires more talented professionals to choose a career in health technology and accelerates the adoption of new technologies in healthcare. The rapidly growing health technology startup and university innovation ecosystem make Finland an ideal hub for my startup, says Sivakumar.

In addition to career opportunities, Finland's strength in the competition lies in being family-friendly. For many professionals, the future place of residence and its everyday environment are also important. Someone moving from a bustling city to Finland may appreciate easily accessible local services, a school within walking distance, and a backyard view of the forest.

– My family is hopeful and excited about the move, recalling our previous experiences in Finland. It's great to travel again and create new memories with a young child. I believe our child will also enjoy and benefit from the Finnish early childhood education system. But, like in all major transitions, we have butterflies in our stomachs as we move to a new environment, especially considering our entrepreneurial journey. However, I am optimistic about what the future holds in this happy country, sums up Sivakumar.

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