Finland-India Education Ties Strengthened with FGES Visit

The Embassy of Finland is pleased to announce the visit of Finnish Global Education Solutions (FGES) to India, scheduled for a two-week duration starting from January 29. This visit is aimed at strengthening connections between education stakeholders in Finland and India, following a recent formal partnership between FGES and Stones2Milestones, a prominent EdTech company in India.

As part of the visit, FGES is set to conduct roadshows across multiple Indian cities, including Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Delhi. These roadshows are strategically designed to offer a dynamic platform, fostering knowledge exchange and creating valuable partnership opportunities between educational institutions in both Finland and India.

The collaboration between FGES and Stones2Milestones, as well as the ongoing initiatives, reflects a significant stride in the India-Finland education partnership. The primary objectives of this visit are to foster educational collaborations, exchange best practices, and explore avenues for innovative and impactful learning solutions in the Indian education landscape.

“The pace of this collaboration is nothing short of exciting. FGES is keen to kickstart their operations in India almost immediately and that goes to show the opportunities identified in the Indian market. This is supported by the fact that Business Finland has witnessed an increase in the number of Finnish Education companies not only exploring the Indian market in recent years, but committing to building their businesses here,” said Sonali Saigal Kapur, Senior Advisor, Business Finland.

In a groundbreaking partnership formalized last year in India during the visit of Finland's Minister of Education Anna-Maja Henriksson, Stones2Milestones and FGES have teamed up to revolutionize global education. Together, they focus on enhancing teacher skills, bringing the Finnish learning approach to Indian schools with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy, and creating advanced technology solutions for worldwide implementation.

"We are thrilled about this collaboration, and together, our two companies are poised not only to introduce groundbreaking solutions benefiting learners worldwide but also to spearhead school transformations, provide comprehensive teacher training, and enhance education methodologies. Finland, renowned for its excellence in education, is bringing its numeracy and literacy programs to India, contributing to the global exchange of best practices. Simultaneously, we are eager to incorporate valuable insights from the Indian education system and take them back to Finland and beyond. This collaboration represents a win-win for both companies, fostering a dynamic exchange that enriches education on a global scale," said Antti Kaskinen, CEO of Finnish Global Education Solutions.

Finland's expertise in early childhood education, playful learning, and digital education aligns well with the growing opportunities in the Indian education market. The collaboration aims to bring Finnish solutions adapted to local needs, contributing to the growth and development of the education sector in India.

"This collaboration signifies a turning point in global education as we jointly enhance teacher skills, introduce the Finnish learning approach to Indian schools, and advance technology solutions. With 15 years of focus on early childhood education, Stones2Milestones is excited about this two-way exchange, taking our innovative learning solutions to Finland and incorporating the best Finnish practices in India. Alongside FGES, we aspire to positively transform education, contributing to advancements in both Indian and Finnish classrooms,” said Nikhil Saraf, Founder & CEO of Stones2Milestones.

Headquartered in Finland, Finnish Global Education Solutions (FGES) specializes in K12 education development worldwide. It is a member of Education Finland program controlled by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Stones2Milestones (S2M) is an India-based education technology company established in 2009. At the core of their belief is that language is a critical life skill for children- especially in their early years. With a focus on English language proficiency, S2M has made a positive impact on over a million children through its flagship product, the 'fREADom' reading app.

The embassy welcomes this collaborative effort and believes that the visit will further strengthen the longstanding ties between Finland and India in the field of education.