Finland at Expo 2020 Dubai

Finland is one of over 190 nations participating in the first World Expo in the Middle East, Expo 2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. The theme of the Dubai Expo is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future".





The United Arab Emirates is Finland's second biggest export country in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia.  Participation in the World Expo will serve the Finland brand promotion and export promotion of Finnish companies not only in the Gulf and Middle East, but also in the Asian and East African markets and globally.


Participation in the World Expo will strengthen Finland's bilateral relations, visibility and positive country image, promote Finnish exports, internationalization and competitiveness in the Gulf region, and increase Finland's attractiveness for tourism and investments. 



A large number of Finnish companies and organizations, have decided to participate in the Expo2020 project. Already 68 companies and clusters, totally more than 100 company partners, have confirmed their participation. The benefits of participating in the World Expo are significant for Finnish companies. 

Business Finland is responsible for the practical arrangements for the participation of Finnish exhibitors under the leadership of Commissioner General Mr. Severi Keinälä.

List of participants:

  • National Partners: KONE, Konecranes and Outotec
  • Key Partners: Wärtsilä, Fiskars, Nokia, Fortum, Isku, Collaprime, Metso, Valmet, Finnair, Haaga-Helia, iLOQ, Granlund, Genelec, Black Donuts Engineering, Education cluster with 20 companies and Smart Nuclear Energy Solutions with Fortum, VTT, Geological Survey of Finland GTK, STUK International, Posiva Solutions and FinNuclear
  • Exhibition Partners: Halton Group, , Marinetek, Liana Technologies, Naava, Evergreen Farm Oy, Stone from Finland, Finnish Water Forum, Business Oulu, Visit Finland travel cluster, Health comes from Finland



“Snow Cape” is the name of Finnish pavilion at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai. Simple, but refined Finnish design combined with an entrance resembling an Arabic tent brings together the country’s icy landscapes with the culture of Expo 2020’s host nation, the United Arab Emirates. 

Inspired by the white blanket of snow, which covers the Finnish landscape from autumn onwards, the Finland Pavilion resembles a white snow covered tent. The simple, elegant design reflects the fascinating tradition of Finnish architecture. The Finnish pavilion is a meeting space, a tent where connections between Finnish and Arabic minds can be fostered. In the heart of the Finland pavilion there is the Gorge, a tranquil natural space that contrasts buzzling Expo environment and provides a cool refuge for the visitors.

Construction of the pavilion began in August 2019 by an international consortium that won the tender of Business Finland. The pavilion is built by Expomobilia (Switzerland) and designed by JKMM Architects (Finland). The pavilion design, execution and eventually dismantling are all done by the principles of circular economy and sustainability is observed throughout the project.


The design group “Symbiosis”, which consists of four prestigious design companies, won the design competition for the Finnish exhibition concept: Futudesign, Sun Effects, Flatlight Creative and JKMM Architects.

The main theme of the exhibition in the Finnish Pavilion is “Sharing Future happiness”.  The sub-themes are circular economy, sustainability and innovations.  Finland's key pillars of happiness are functionality and well-being, nature and sustainable development, and education and know how. Finland will be presented at the Expo by “Sharing Future Happiness” exhibition based on these strengths and the expertise of the partner companies.

The exhibition of the Finnish Pavilion is an innovative showcase of Finnish expertise in different sections such as Natural resources & energy cycle, ICT & Digitalization, Smart cities and ports, Technology, Education & Health, and Design & Tourism. The exhibition will provide an in-depth story of Finland, providing visitors with experiences and information on which Finland's happiness is based, continuous development and innovation, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions and extensive international cooperation.



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Finland at Dubai Expo 2020

Commissioner General Mr. Severi Keinälä, [email protected]

Communications Director Ms. Pirkko Autio, [email protected]

Exhibition Director Mr. Petri Ryöppy, [email protected]